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Julius-K9 Premium, Hypoallergenic Adult Dry Dog Food – Lamb and Rice

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Complete Hypoallergenic, easy to digest lamb and fish with rice, apple, joint protection for adult dogs.

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Earn up to 43 Points.

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Product Description

The Julius K9 dog food is specially formulated to provide your dog with high-quality nutrition, with lamb being the first ingredient. Lamb is a great source of animal protein, and is easily digestible, making it a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

In addition to lamb, this Julius K9 dog food is also rich in fish, which provides your dog with important omega-3 fatty acids that help support their overall health and wellbeing. With a total animal protein content of 65%, this dog food is designed to provide your dog with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Furthermore, this dog food is formulated to support joint health and mobility, with added ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin. These ingredients help support healthy joints, which is especially important for dogs as they age or for breeds that are prone to joint issues.

Overall, this dog food is a great choice for dog owners who want to provide their furry friend with a high-quality, protein-rich diet that supports their overall health and wellbeing. With its focus on joint health and mobility, this dog food is especially great for adult dogs or those with joint issues.


  • Made from natural ingredients:  Rich in natural and healthy ingredients.
  • Hight content of lamb: packed with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals which support muscle development and sustain energy.
  • Contains fruits and vegetables:  great sources of fiber.
  • Omega 3-6-9: Made with a natural source of omega-3, to promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Rice: To perfectly aid digestion, this recipe includes rice. Metabolic waste such as purines are produced by many foods and these are toxic. The body must eliminate these purines which puts heavy stresses on organs such as the liver and kidneys. Rice, however, does not contain purines and is therefore easily digestible.

This recipe is suitable for adult dogs with allergies to chicken meat.

JULIUS-K9®  foods are known and trusted by professional dog trainers, service dog handlers, and pet owners all over Europe. This trust has been earned by quality products that have been thoroughly researched and tested.

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Composition: Meat and animal derivatives (Meat meal 25% lamb, 5% fish, 8.5% beef tallow), corn, wheat, bran, rice, apple, carrot, glucosamine chondroitin, FOS, extract by Yucca Schidigera.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 25%, fat and oils 14%, crude ash 9.5%, crude fiber 3.4%, moisture 10%.

Nutritional Additives: L-lysine 1.10%, Methionine 0.40%, Threonine 0.85%, Tryptophan 0.30%, Arginine 1.50%, Isoleucine 0.77%, Leucine 2%, Valine 1%, Ca 1.63%, P 1.06%, Na 0.43%, Zn 88.15 mg / kg, Cu 15.55 mg / kg, Fe 311.10 mg / kg, Mn 31.11 mg / kg, I 1.04 mg / kg, Se 0.09 mg / kg, Vit. A 12962 IU / kg, Vit. C 10.37mg / kg, Vit. D-3 1249 IU / kg, Vit. E 72.59 mg / kg, Vit. K-3 2.07 mg / kg, Vit. B-1 4.15 mg / kg, Vit. B-2 6.22 mg / kg, Vit. B-5 10 mg / kg, Vit. B-6 5 mg / kg, Vit. B-6 5 mg / kg, Vit. B-12 0.03 mg / kg, Biotin 0.26 mg / kg, Niacin B3 25.92 mg / kg, Folic Acid 1 mg / kg, Choline Chloride 2326.4 mg / kg.

The daily ration must correspond to the needs of the dog, physical activity, health and temperature in its environment. A sufficient amount of freshwater must be provided at all times.

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