Cat Collars

Ancol Safety Cat Collars

Available in a range of beautiful styles and colours, Ancol Safety Cat Colours invariably come with standard safety features.

Ancol Safety Cat Collars

Designed to perfectly match any cat’s personality, our Ancol Cat Collar range features a style and colour to suit any taste. Each collar is fitted with standard safety features including a:

  • Breakaway buckle allowing your pet to make an easy getaway if caught while exploring, climbing, etc.
  • Warning bell for wildlife protection

To ensure your feline companion is both comfortable and safe, please make sure to:

  • Check that you can slide two fingers between the collar and your cat when fitting the collar.
  • Check the collar daily for correct fit and potential damage. Please do not use the collar if damaged, as this may jeopardise your pet’s safety.

To prevent reactions between treatments and collar materials, collars should be removed during use of liquid flea treatments.

Cat Collars
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