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Julius K9 Y Belt for Powerharnesses & Belt Harnesses

From: £8.50

With the reflective Y-belt, you can make the IDC®-Powerharness or the K9®-Powerharnesses even more comfortable for your dog.

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Earn up to 12 Points.

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Julius K9 Y Belt for Powerharnesses & Belt Harnesses

Highly recommended for working/service dogs and car travel, the reflective Julius K9 Y Belt makes IDC and K9 Powerharnesses and Belt Harnesses more comfortable than ever for dogs.

Connecting the harness’ chest strap and abdomen part, this reflective Y belt allows for optimal distribution of pressure.

Easy to attach, adjust and remove thanks to Velcro straps, this Y belt is one of our most popular Julius K9 harness accessories, as it makes harnesses much more comfortable for service and working dogs and/or family pets during car journeys.

This Y belt is suitable for use with the following harnesses:

  • K9 & IDC Harness Size Mini-Mini & Mini and 0 to 3
  • IDC Belt Harnesses
  • IDC 4 Powerharnesses
  • IDC Guide Dog (Blind) Harnesses

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