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Pet Shop Direct are proud to announce the introduction of a new product designed to make tick removal from humans and animals both easier and safer to their existing product range: O’Tom’s Tick Twister® tick removal tool for human & animal tick removal.

Tick Removal from Humans and Animals

Removing ticks from the skin of humans or animals can be tricky and, unless done just right, both extremely painful and potentially dangerous.

The risk of not removing ticks the right way is two-fold:

  1. Compressing the tick’s body may result in fluids within the tick’s body being squeezed back into the person/or animal’s skin. The micro-organisms contained within this fluid can cause Lyme Disease and/or other bacterial infections.
  2. Pulling the body of a tick away from the skin in a straight line could result in the tick’s rostrum (a beak-like projection or anterior – or frontal – prolongation found on a tick’s head) remaining in the animal/person’s skin. This could also lead to infections and other related complications.

Cleaning of the affected area with alcohol, ether or other suitable chemicals is therefore often an infection-preventing necessity. These chemicals can, however, also pose a risk (potential allergies; flammability, etc.)

Correct Human & Animal Tick Removal Process

The trick is to carefully take hold of the tick (preferably with tweezers or a similar tool – like O’Tom’s Tick Twister®, for instance) and, without squeezing its body, twisting it up and away from the skin, rather than attempting to pull it straight out.

O’Tom’s Tick Twister® Tick Removal Tool

Specifically designed to completely and safely remove ticks – quickly and without pain – from the skin of both animals and humans, the O’Tom Tick Removal blister pack contains a set of two Tick Twister® hooks, a:

  • Large one for the removal of large, engorged ticks, and a
  • Smaller one for the removal of very small ticks (minimum size: 1/10 mm)

Used to hook ticks and twist them off and out of the skin, this excellent tool for removing ticks does not:

  • Squeeze ticks’ bodies (abdomens)
  • Leave ticks’ rostrums in the skin
  • Require use of any potentially harmful chemical products

Why Buy O’Tom’s Tick Twister®?

Ticks “lurk” on grasses and other plants waiting for unsuspecting warm-blooded animals or humans to pass by. As you or your pet brush against these plants, they propel themselves towards these warm bodies and start digging into the skin to gorge themselves on blood – exposing the affected person/animal to all kinds of potential infections.

Having a hard-wearing, virtually unbreakable and indefinitely reusable Tick Twister® tick removal tool at hand is therefore a must for all discerning pet lovers – why not order your pack right now?


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