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Julius K9 Collar with Handle

From: £20.90

The Color & Gray collar is a high-quality product that’s suitable for service dogs and family pets.

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Earn up to 23 Points.

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Product Description

Featuring a closable handle with safety lock, the high-quality Color & Gray Julius K9 Collar with Handle is suitable for both family pets and service dogs.

Providing your dog with a comfortable, secure fit, this exceptionally durable Color & Gray Collar features a heavy-duty buckle and has a safety lock to add perfect stability. A closable handle at the centre-point enables you to safely hold your dog.

The material this collar is made from enables you to easily keep it clean and attach labels on its special label field.

This collar is available in two adjustable sizes:

  • Length: 38-53 cm/15.0-20.9 in x Width: 4 cm/1.57 in
  • Length: 49-70 cm/19.3-27.6 in x Width: 5 cm/1.96 in

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