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dog jackets for winter

If you are looking for dog jackets for winter, read this article to help you choose the best one for your beloved dog.

Many feel that their dog is already wearing a coat so there is no need for another one. This is not entirely true. A dog’s natural coat is not impervious to winter, injuries, and bugs. A dog’s natural coat is also the same coat that will collect dirt. This dirt will get transferred to your couch, bed, and chairs when your dog comes inside and lays all over the furniture. There are huge benefits by putting your dog in a coat this winter. Coats will help you keep them clean and help them stay healthy. Here are six benefits for dog jackets for winter.

Keeps Them Dry and Warm

The obvious perk to a dog wearing a coat is that they will get additional warmth on their bodies when the weather is cold. Although nature has already given them a fur coat, your dog will still feel the effects of cold weather. A coat is also great for younger dogs and puppies who are still getting used to the cold weather. The same can be said for older dogs as well. The older your dog gets the more they are affected by outdoor conditions. A coat will keep them warm and dry for their walks.

Coats will also keep your dog dry from rain or snow when you take them for their walk. The Ancol Extreme Monsoon Dog Winter Coat is a great buy to keep your small dogs warm and snuggly in the winter.

Dog Coats Are Waterproof

Rain and snow can get deep into your dog’s fur penetrating their skin making them cold. Unless you have a portable hair dryer on you, your dog is going to shiver on their walk. By getting a Record Gabrielle Waterproof Dog Jacket you can protect your pooch against the cold and wet conditions of the winter. A waterproof jacket will keep the elements from seeping into their fur. This will stop the elements weighing them down and making them wet. It will also protect their fur from getting wet or cold from rubbing past wet bushes, brush, or high grass. A waterproof coat is the solution to making sure your dog is warm and dry the entire time. When you get home, the only thing you will have to do is dry off their paws and face, and they will be good to go.

Helps Them Adjust to Different Temperatures

As humans, we know how shocking it is to face extreme temperature change. Sitting on a cold surface or walking out of the house without our coats buttoned, have caused us to jump a little as we try and warm up our bodies. Imagine that happening to your dog. We have the knowledge to know how to warm ourselves up, but our dogs have no way of getting warm if they are cold. A dog sweater or jacket will help your dog walk out of the house into cold weather and not feel so jarred by the extreme temperature change.

A warm jacket like the Record Peak29 Windproof Dog Coat keeps your dog warm against the wind as well. The weather is more than just precipitation and temperature. The wind can cut right through a dog’s fur.

Keeps Them Safe At Night

The winter time means that the sun is going to set very early. That means your normal after dinner walk is going to be in the dark. Even if your street is well lit, most motorists are looking out for people and not dogs. If you have a small dog, they may go unnoticed as you are walking about. Dog jackets for winter are reflective and will alert motorists and cyclists that your dog is around and your animal can stay safe. The Hi-vis Dog Jacket from Ruffwear Lumenglow not only keeps your dog dry, but safe as well.

Keeps Your Dog Clean

Every time you take your dog to the park, they seem to need a bath. They roll around in the mud, they play with other dogs, they get into bushes and rub their faces on toys. All of this must be washed off in order for them to get in bed, walk around the house, or get up on the couch. By putting your dog in a dog jacket, you can simply wipe their paws and face, then they are free to roam the house. No longer will your dog need a full bath every time they go outside to play.

Helps With Recovery

In the event that your dog has to have surgery and has an exposed stitch, they will need to stay protected. They also need to stay dry. By putting your dog in a jacket or coat means that they keep their healing wound protected from the elements. When your dog is in recovery, it may not be feeling 100%. Therefore, any slight change in temperature or weather may make them feel sick or tired, so keeping them warm will enable them to go for their walk and get the exercise they need.

Coats are also a nice idea for any dog that is not necessarily in recovery but has a chronic condition like arthritis. Arthritis is exacerbated by the weather, especially cold, damp weather, so if your dog can remain warm while outside in these kinds of conditions, then their arthritis may not act up and they can walk comfortably without pain or hindrance.

Dog jackets for winter, help your dog stay as healthy and clean during the coldest months of the year.