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Breath Freshener for Dogs from Record


The Record Professional Mouthwash and Breath Freshener for dogs is designed to clean, sanitize the oral cavity, and refresh the dog’s breath.

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If you need a breath freshener for dogs, the Record Professional Mouthwash and Breath Refresher Spray is perfect.  It is designed to clean and sanitize the oral cavity, and will refresh your dog’s breath.

This breath freshener for dogs has a special formula that creates a hygienic action, that prevents plague and helps fight the cause of bad breath.  Use with the Record Professional Tooth Paste to improve and complete the action.

This formula has a fresh and pleasant taste for dogs and is suggested to be used after toothpaste.

Instructions: Simply spray on your dog’s teeth after toothpaste.

For animal use only. Use only as directed. Follow veterinary instructions before using the product on puppies, pregnant, sick, or convalescent animals.

Made in Italy. 125ml