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Retractable Ball Thrower from Kompact9


Sustainably made, the Kompact9 Retractable Ball Thrower is a lightweight, easy to use, retractable dog ball thrower made from recycled plastic, with a unique cup design enabling you to throw the ball with ease.

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Product Description

This retractable ball thrower from Kompact9 is sustainably made and is a revolution for ball throwers for dogs. The Kompact9 Retractable Ball Thrower is lightweight and easy to use and is made from recycled plastic. It has a unique cup design that enables you to throw the ball with ease.

This ball thrower is significantly smaller than other ball throwers on the market as it is 70% smaller than a standard dog ball thrower. It also features a unique retractable design, which results in a ball thrower that doesn’t compromise on throwing. Another great feature is that the Kompact9 fits in your pocket, so it can easily be taken with you on all your dog walks.

It is also supplied with a bag so it protects your pocket or bag from the mud and dog slobber. Both the plastic used in the thrower and the hygiene cover is recycled, so it also limits the environmental impact.

Retracting your ball thrower

This ball thrower is very easy to collapse. The easiest way is to grip the top tubular section just below the ball cup and then hit the bottom with the palm of your hand. This approach avoids getting mud on your hands, requires less force, and puts less strain on the thrower, meaning it will last longer.

Storage and use in cold conditions

We recommend that you store your retractable ball thrower inside during the winter months. We also recommend that you try to avoid high-impact situations when it’s cold outside. This is because all plastic becomes more brittle in cold conditions, especially recycled plastics. The extension/retraction process may also become less smooth.

Safety Notice

Please ensure all children are supervised when using this dog ball launcher. Veterinary advice is to limit excessive ball thrower use until your dog is fully grown and to make ball throwing part of a balanced exercise routine for your dog.

Technical Details

  • Item Weight 135g
  • Extended Length 62cm
  • Retracted Length 25cm
  • Item Material Recycled ABS

Made in the UK.

Please note the ball is not included!  Tennis balls from Ancol are available here