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Flexi Puppy Tape Leash – New


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The Flexi Puppy tape leash is a new extremely robust tape lead.

In a split second everything can change, so any dog owner knows, you need a lead that is strong and that will react quickly.  The Flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, they also react in the split of a second, keeping your dog safe.

This tape leash is so robust that it can withstand sharp puppy teeth for longer – nevertheless, of course, you should not allow your puppy to bite the leash.

Thanks to the tape guidance system, the tapes can be extended in all directions without jamming.

Features and Benefits

  • Approx.  1,9 m tape leash
  • For dogs up to 12 kg
  • Comfortable braking system
  • Perfected tape guidance system
  • Resistant against puppy teeth due to extremely robust webbing tape [ flexi® X11-Tape ]
  • Elegant ergonomic design and gloss finish
  • Product weight: approx 170g

This tape lead is available in Light Blue and Pink.

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