Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers


  • Safe, accurate and easy to use
  • Keeps cat’s nails trimmed
  • Comfortable and anti-slip handle
  • Ideal for indoor animals

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Product Description

Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers

Easy to use and accurate, Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers are designed to make your cat trims safe and comfortable.

Featuring a non-slip, comfortable handle, the Ancol Cat Nail Grooming Clipper is ideal for keeping indoor cats’ nails neatly trimmed.

It is highly recommended to prevent cutting the quick by only removing the claw’s very end and slightly trimming long nails every few days, which will encourage the quick to naturally recede. The clipper’s blade features a semi-circular groove to make checking that you are cutting the correct amount easier.

Your cat should be relaxed and comfortable before having her nails trimmed and, if you are trimming her nails for the first time, we advise you to seek professional advice from a groomer or vet before doing so to gain expertise and confidence that you can safely trim your pet’s claws.