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Christmas is coming and naturally, your best friend deserves a special gift to mark the day. To help you pick the perfect present for your furry companion, here’s our dog and puppies toy round up.

Bestselling Dog and Puppies Toy Selection

All dogs love fetching/chasing things, so these balls, tug and throw toys make the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs of all ages:

  1. Planet Dog Double Tuff Orbee – Featuring an asymmetrical, “doubled” design, this strong, durable toy produces unpredictable bounces that are simply awesome – and will provide hours of fun while mentally challenging your pooch more than any other standard fetch toy or ball.
  2. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Ball – Some dogs’ jaws are stronger than others, and many toys are subsequently destroyed quickly. Buoyant, bouncy and mint-scented, this ball is as tough and durable as diamonds – making it the perfect choice for these “tough chewers”!
  3. Ancol Dog Squeaky Rope – If your pooch likes squeaky toys, but is also very active and loves to chase, fetch & retrieve, this squeaky rope is the perfect answer. Designed to help keep your beloved pet healthy and fit, it will provide both of you with hours of interactive fun.
  4. Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Tug – Buying a gift with training in mind? Featuring a slippery surface that motivates your pooch to bite harder, this bite-proof, heavy duty tug toy is among the most important equipment for dog bite training (not to mention the endless hours of fun you’ll both have with it).
  5. Ancol Dog Treat Ball – Using your dog’s natural “seek out & chase” instinct to create physical & mental stimulation, this treat ball can be filled with your pooch’s favourite treats to provide plenty of healthy exercise and fun.
  6. Ruffwear Gourdo Dog Toy – Made from natural rubber, this interactive throw toy has a rope handle perfect for “long-distance” throwing. Boasting a gum-massaging design, it can also be filled with treats to provide a little extra mental stimulation.
  7. Julius-K9 Dog Treat Tube – Consisting of a special cotton/nylon combination, this floating, durable snack bag toy not only offers hours of mentally stimulating fun but is also perfect for basic retrieving and search & rescue training.
  8. Julius-K9 Leather Tug – Featuring a well-fixed handle and designed with bite training in mind, this leather tug toy is ideal for dogs weighing 15+ kg – but any pooch will love it, because toys made of leather are natural, soft and smell great.
  9. Julius-K9 IDC® Neon Fluorescent Ball – Boasting a special shape that perfectly imitates escaping prey’s movement, this neon-coloured, fluorescent silicon ball is the perfect motivational toy for both adult dogs and puppies. It can be filled with treats for extra mental stimulation and features a closable handle designed to prevent accidental injuries.
  10. Ruffwear Turnup Dog Toy – Chew-resistant, durable and featuring a suction-preventing two-hole, gum massaging design, this resilient natural rubber toy whistles in flight and creates erratic bounces for more engaging chase & fetch play.

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